Benefits of Negative Ions

Before talking about benefits of negative ions, it is important to understand what actually ions are


Increasing Flexibility and Control

There are many scientific studies completed and more in progress studying the efficacy of Scalar Ene


Few words about us

We at Bioexcel believes in ultimate quality and top standards for the product coming into your hand.


Who we are?

BioExcel arranges for the manufacturing, licensing and distribution of various Scalar Energy technology products throughout the world. There are various Scalar Energy and various health products ranging from Quantum Energy Pendants, Health and Energy Bracelets, Health and Energy Bangles, Alkaline and Energy water flasks, Power and Performance hologram Wristbands, Energy Necklaces and many other products. Full team of Research and Development experts go through the initial design, plan, testing and implementation before final manufacturing and every product is tested for quality before being distributed through various channels.

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